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Not Every Company on the Internet is New

If you have purchased a computer printer, used a biotech product, or bought a bathing suit you may have seen our bags. San Diego Bag & Supply is a division of Jon-Ko Products, Inc. For the last 50 years we have been quietly going about our business of assisting engineers and material managers tackle their packaging problems. Size and longevity alone are meaningless .... You have to produce. Our acknowledged expertise involves flexible packaging vehicles such as bags and pouches. We work with small startup companies, as well as business giants. Our projects run from the routine to the extraordinary. Here are just a few examples:

• A vitamin manufacturer wanted a special compartmentalized bag that would simulate a human stomach for testing tablet dissolution and absorption.... We made it for them.

• We were asked to create a unique bag that conducts electricity for use with explosive devices .... We made it for them.

• A biotech company needed a pouch for cryogenically freezing artificial skin ...... We made it for them.

• A large computer printer manufacturer wanted a special laminated triple layer foil pouch for their ink cartridges ...... We made it for them.

• Sailboat racing teams asked us to make bags for their sails, from which they could evacuate the air to reduce cargo volume ...... We made it for them.

• A company that sells lady bugs wanted a net bag for shipment of their "product" ...... We made it for them.

What Can We Make for You?

In addition to our custom bag capabilities, we inventory MILLIONS of stock bags.
Please contact us for more information or assistance.