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Packaging Manufacturer and Wholesale Distributor

WHO WE ARE: San Diego Bag & Supply is a packaging manufacturer and wholesale distributor of flexible packaging for commercial applications.

WHAT WE DO: We can certainly help you with the common or simple bag but unlike other packaging manufacturers, our capabilities do not end there. In our 57 years of business, we have developed an expertise in helping you solve your packaging dilemmas. We can help you if you need a plastic bag that instantly dissolves in water, conducts electricity, turns to dust when exposed to light or shrinks with heat. We have bags that can be used to vacuum seal hazardous material, freeze human tissue samples, package cosmetics or ship insects. In fact, all of those bags are in stock.

WHO WE HELP: We work with small startup companies as well as corporate giants. Our projects run from the routine to the extraordinary. If you can call it a bag, you can call on us. What kind of a bag can we make for you ?

Call us to discuss your application or use our quick quote form.

In addition to being a packaging manufacturer of custom solutions, we inventory MILLIONS of stock bags. Please contact us for more information.