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Food Storage Bags

Chefs and culinary professionals understand the need and convenience of top quality Food Storage Bags. These bags are widely used as Food Preparation Bags in Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens. These bags must have a low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) which prevents moisture gain or loss. Food Storage Bags must prevent “Freezer Burn”. Food Storage Bags must have a low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) to stop the gain or loss of flavors.  And…Food Storage Bags need to be easily sealed. For those chiefs who are particularly concerned with quality they may also require that the bags are capable of being vacuum sealed thus removing agents such as oxygen which can promote food deterioration. The ultimate Food Storage Bag would also preclude ultraviolet light (like an opaque or “brown” medicine bottle – and for the same reasons) which will catalyze the breakdown of nutritional and other transitory constituents. We stock many of these types of bags and can custom fabricate any others.